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Limited liability housing companies and real estate companies

Legal advice for managing limited liability housing companies and real estate companies

We are experts in the legislation and legal praxis concerning limited liability housing companies and real estate companies. We assist and represent our clients in all assignments related to company legislation and administration, such as general meetings of shareholders, board meetings, questions of liability, leasing of premises, renovation and additional construction projects, circumstances involving liability for new builds, transfers of possession and amendments to articles of association. We also work as legal representatives in court.

We support property managers in legal issues related to their business, from contracts to cases of damages.


Experts in residential law, legal advice for buying a residence or real estate

We serve our individual clients in legal matters such as residential issues, residence or real estate transactions, and leasing. We resolve residence and real estate transaction disputes and disagreements between limited liability housing companies and their shareholders and assist in legal proceedings. You can trust our professional expertise, experience and knowledge of the sector.

Real estate business

The best partners in real estate law

The real estate sector is constantly evolving. Particular challenges in the field requiring special legal expertise include digitalisation and amendments to the law. In the rapidly changing circumstances, it is important that you are supported by legal experts in your own field who are easy to approach for help and advice.

We offer a service package covering the various phases of the real estate business to suit your needs. You are provided with project-type services or more extensive collaboration to manage your real estate matters. Your assignments will always be handled by the same lawyer or in larger projects by an especially designated team. We are able to take care of all of your real estate legal matters.

Construction contracting

Legal support at every stage of the construction project

Construction contracting brings together several different regulations, guidelines and practices. That is why special expertise in every area is essential.

We serve our clients in new build, renovation and additional construction projects. Our services also cover issues related to legal administration and contracts for real estate development projects.

We provide consulting on construction contracting law, prepare work contracts and carry out inspections. We handle guarantee and liability issues from the reception phase all through the constructor’s ten-year liability period. If necessary, we can represent you in court.

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